at Nyborg Strandcamping

Activity calendar for Nyborg Strandcamping 2024

Activity for the season, but much more can happens






Every morning

8 am.

Morning bath. Vådlaug meets every morning at 8 for a morning doll and morning bitter. Everyone is welcome.




19. april

10. may

7. june

5. july

12. july

19. july

26. july

16. august

6. september

kl. 4  too 6 p.m. isch

Friday bar at the terrace infront of the reception. Sometimes with live musik and visit from a foodtruck. Come and see us, hang out with all the other guest. We serve cold beer and wine. 

At the terrace

You can buy it all at the bar. 


14 pm.

Petanqueturnering begin from 20/4

Petanque court starts 20/4

10 dkr

7. may

6. june

1. august

3. september

2m p.m.

Lady´s club. Women meat for talk, knit og drinking coffee. 

At the meeting room, or in nice weather outside in the sofa corner.


19. may

1 pm.

Lunch buffet

Some place outside at the campsite

Shared buffet

26. may

23. june

7. july

25. august

11 a.m.

Krolf turnus

Krolf court


1. june

3 p.m.

Mega coffee and cake buffet


Commen buffet, everybody brings something

23. june

9 p.m.




5. til 7. july

Danehof market

At Nyborg castle

17. august

14 pm.

Petanque finale

Petanque court

10 kr. 

6. september

4 too 6 p.m.

Friday  bar the last for this season 2024


You can buy all from the bar

7. september

10 a.m.





Folk på vej i vandet Nyborg Strandcamping

Vådelaug morning swim

Meating every day during the season for a swim.




Enjoy the beutifull sunrise over the Great Belt and Bridge.​​Nyborg is surrounded by plenty of beaches, next to the campsite is located one of Denmark’s best rated beaches. Very nice to chrildren.

Swimming rules

Der spilles petanque


Throughout the camping season you have the opportunity to join the petanque tournament which is held every Friday evening, in the end of the season the winner is found and will receive the year to year trophy.

This evening also offers great togetherness, cozy times, fun and laughter for not only players, but also those who come to watch. Everyone is welcome to join.

Petanque rules

Folk hygger sig med Krolf Nyborg Strandcamping


12 hole Krolf course located in the woods behind the cabins 8-9 and 10. In nice shade of the trees. Take a duel with family or good friends.

See rules for Krolf:

Rules Krolf 



Nyborg campsite is well known for its great fishing opportunities, with a large open kitchen for rinsing and cleaning of the fresh catch to the rental of freezers with great capacity to store fish. The Great Belt Sea withholds large opportunities to go fishing for cod, flatfish, horn fish, trout and so forth.

You will have the choice to fish from the nearby pier. Moreover, we can recommend planning a trip to one of the close by Put-And-Take lakes.

Fishing licens

Fyns Put and take


Boat renting

Hygge Damer strikker

Lady's club

Lady’s club  is where the ladies come together to have fun with crafts in all categories, they have a cozy time working on their crafts, exchanging ideas and having a great time together.

They meet after agreement and bring coffee and cake in the common room.

Meeting every monday.

Legeplads petanque


There is a playground at the campsite and several in Nyborg town

Strandhøj Park and Playground Skaboeshusevej 141, 5800 Nyborg Take the family to Strandhøj Park and Playground. The 16-hectare garden and park facility lies directly down to the Great Belt and offers sensory experiences for all age groups. There is probably a small playground here, but it is the animals, the large park, the forest and the bathing-friendly beach, which in particular make Strandhøj Park a favorite excursion destination for the whole family. Bring your own food basket and use one of the park’s many fire pits.

Click here for directions

The playground at Kampsportens Hus Vestergade 7, 5800 Nyborg On the playground – or the outdoor training ground – you can combine play, exercise and knowledge of numbers. Here, all senses are put to use, whether you are a child or an adult

Click here for directions


Golf Nyborg


Sct. Knuds golf club only 3 km from Nyborg Strandcamping.

Hompage for Sct. Knuds Golfklub



Paddletennis only 1 kilometres from the campsite, remember to book the court online

Nyborg Tennisklub

We are padel

Minigolf bolde og kølle

Nyborg Mini golf

Nyborg mini golf 8 km from Nyborg Strandcamping.

Homepage for Nyborg Minigolf

Pige dykker i Nyborg badeland

Nyborg Water park

What to experience in Nyborg

Nyborg offers plenty of attractions and activities which should be experienced. During your stay you should not miss the castle with the entertaining and educational medieval festival which includes a knight tournament, amongst much other, this is held in the first weekend of July. Furthermore, we recommend you visit the large ramparts which are distributed throughout the city and invites to beautiful walks. Visit the new whiskey distillery, and its restaurant, among many other.

Nyborg Slot

The city of nyborg, denmark’s heart

The area where Christian the 3rd let knights demonstrate military power, which you can even see today, by walking in those same streets. Experiencing the castle and its historic elements. Enjoying local food. In this city you can follow the footsteps of more than 800 years of Danish historic marks and events.

Nyborg is the heart of Denmark, it was the first capitol, and its was here our democracy was born, and the very room of this event is also available for visitation, where the first constitution was evolved. This is where Denmark comes together.

Visit the tourism bureaucratic in the centrum of the city to receive furthermore information about the city and be inspired, as to what to visit and experience during your stay.

Visit Nyborg

Food and drink in Nyborg ​

Mad i Nyborg

Other excurtions


There is a lot you can see in Denmark